Female Entrepreneurship

  • Only a third of entrepreneurs are women in Luxembourg, the number of women starting entrepreneurial projects has dropped with the pandemic. 
  • Women are clearly under-represented in the national tech startup scene, only a few women manage to raise funds from Business Angels and VC for their startups every year in Luxembourg!
  • Only 5% of the Venture Capital money is going to women worldwide.

With the support of the MEGA:

We offer several entrepreneurship talks to raise awareness about opportunities in entrepreneurship and tech entrepreneurship and encourage women to go forwards.

Next series of talks in June and September 2022!


women founders event 27 november 2019
women founders event 27 november 2019

We organised Women Founders, the main event in Luxembourg featuring tech female entrepreneurs from Luxembourg and abroad. Next edition in November 2022!

From 2013 to 2021, we ran the “Women Leadership programme in Luxembourg” and supported more than 50 women entrepreneurs in their startup journey. The programme received the support of the Ministry of Economy, BIL and Finimmo.

Links to previous editions:

Since 2022, we turned the programme into “office hours” meaning that we allocate time to all entrepreneurs contacting us to discuss their projects!