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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and our daily lives, yet women are severely underrepresented in AI’s development and use. According to the World Economic Forum, only 22% of AI professionals are female, and even user data of leading AI tools like CHATGPT reinforce this imbalance, with 65% of users being male. This imbalance doesn’t just skew the technology’s evolution, it actively harms women by denying them economic opportunities.


The HeadStart project and the four pan-European partners involved are focused on closing the gender gap in ICT, in particular in AI, and enabling more girls to take advantage of the digital world and the opportunities that lie within. We are committed to empowering young women from an early age, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, as well as youth educators with the essential skills and tools to develop the confidence and competence necessary for thriving careers in AI and digital environments.

Who are the partners involved in this project?

WIDE ANDCO is happy and highly motivated to coordinate this Erasmus+ project and to collaborate with 3 other partners to drive systemic change in AI gender representation: 

  • Advocates for female empowerment and equality, Momentum is a hard-working Irish educator focused on developing progressive learning programmes (course curriculum and content development) and platforms for education. Momentum also has a strong marketing and dissemination division specialising in brand development, content generation, communication strategies, digital media and social media. they will be managing the HeadStart brand through the project.
  • The European E-learning Institute (EUEI) is committed to offering quality learning experiences and innovative educational programs, promoting social cohesion, inclusion, and sustainability in Europe. Their experienced team supports educators in using e-learning and digital tools, specialising in projects covering pedagogical approaches, entrepreneurial competencies, digital skills, inclusion, and sustainability. They will be in charge of creating a resourceful platform to showcase all the resources we will create.
  • Inspiring Girls Portugal is a non-governmental organisation with a mission to inspire girls to achieve their aspirations by connecting them with influential women in various professional fields..

The partners were reunited for two days in Galway, Ireland, to get to know each other and discuss the work plan of this two-year project. We had the chance to meet some actors already working in the digital field (Animation, filming, VR etc) while visiting the brand new venue: CREW hub.

For the second day of the meeting, we addressed project management aspects, particularly focusing on supporting the newcomer to Erasmus+ Inspiring Girls.

At this stage, Momentum is leading the Visual Resource Showcase, part of four main activities. The focus is on curating 12 interviews with women in AI or using AI as a central tool in their daily professional tasks.  The goal is to use impactful storytelling to educate and inspire young women considering AI careers, showcasing diverse paths and challenging gender norms.


A big thank you to Momentum for their warm welcome in Ireland and a big thank you in general to all our partners for their work and efficiency on our meeting!

If you are a woman working in AI or using AI tools daily in your work, don’t hesitate to contact us to contribute to our great project!