In an era where technology plays a significant role in creative industries, “A(I)RT & YOUTH” endeavors to offer young people, artists, youth workers, and youth-focused organizations an opportunity to explore the advantages and challenges presented by AI in the realm of art. Through a series of activities, the Erasmus+ project seeks to raise awareness about the transformative potential of innovative technologies while equipping participants with the skills necessary for critical evaluation and adaptation in the digital age.

The primary goal of “A(I)RT & YOUTH” is to foster a deep understanding of AI’s impact on creativity, arts, and culture. With a focus on topics such as AI and data usage, digital youth work, and the evolving landscape of artistic expression, the project aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue and hands-on learning experiences for all involved.

WIDE ANDCO is really excited to partner with 3 organisations with complementary expertises in youth education working with  the creative  and cultural sectors.

The parnters of the consortium:
– Tartu2024 is the European Capital of Culture. In order to spread awareness of topics like modernist art and the nightlife culture of the new century in both theater and science, it brings over 1000 events and activities to individuals of all ages.

– Inter Alia is a non-profit organisation active in the fields of education, advocacy, youth work and culture with the aim to create an inclusive, active and sustainable European civil society. Inter Alia is convinced that Europe can only live through civic action, through exchange, dialogue, youth and exchange of ideas.

– In Connection is a new organisation established in August 2023 in Kraków, Poland. The organisation’s mission is to focus on gender equality in the labour market, by supporting women and girls in the ESTEAM sector (Entrepreneurship, Art and STEM) with access to high-quality entrepreneurial education and digital skills development.