Erasmus+ Project

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A digital skills tool kit for low skilled adults focusing on women re-entering the labour market

eskills4all and cybersecurity workshop

Duration: October 2017-March 2020

This project supports the efforts of Member States to offer high quality opportunities to low-skilled, unemployed adults. It focuses especially on women, to upgrade their digital and employability skills, to empower them to re-enter work, address skills mismatches and exclusion, while promoting the digital agenda for Europe.

E-SKILLS4ALL will target low-skilled unemployed adults with a focus on women, adult education organisations and their staff. While it is more than likely that the proposed products to be developed will be relevant to learners of all ages, the project is specifically targeting the unemployed and will ensure that the learning tools are customized to suit the learning needs and learning preferences of this target group. A significant emphasis will be placed on developing the digital and employability skills. From partner experience, it appears that the majority of long-term unemployed women are less likely to have good ICT skills which are essential skills in today’s job market.

Media kit and press release: Press releases eskills4all launching (ENG, FR & LUX)

You can access the Eskills4all courses in several languages (English, French, Romanian and Greek).

The consortium of the project includes the following partners:


Civic Computing Limited, United Kingdom