Education and training action

The skills surrounding STEM are now becoming fundamental for the development of people in societies.

These skills are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM classes give students the opportunity to find more than one correct answer, but by giving them the possibility to explore, it is common for them to see where they have failed, in this way, they will learn that mistakes are part of the process.

The main goal of “Geeks for Education” is to improve inclusive education to develop digital and STEM skills through closer cooperation between schools, innovators and non-formal education providers.

Here is a glimpse of what activities have been created during our project. The Convergent Deck-Building Game is card game presenting STEM skills and professions and highlighting female role models in STEM.

The gameplay guide as well as the open-source cards are already available in French and English. You can also access our canva to design you’re own cards.

The Convergent Deck-building Game Transferability Document