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As part of our campaign for International Girls in ICT Day 2020, we will publish various interviews with inspiring women studying and working in the fields of new technologies and IT. Discover all our interviews below, enjoy the read!


Interview with Stéphanie Walter: Discover our exclusive interview with Stéphanie Walter, Lead UX Designer. In this interview, she tells us more about her background, her work, and shares some useful tips for girls who would like to study IT!

Interview with Shamala Hinrichsen: Meet Shamala Hinrichsen, social entrepreneur and founder of Hanai. Learn more about her background and the new Jiwa Ibu healthcare app, launched for women in rural and marginalised communities, in this interview!

Interview with Amal Tawakuli: During our webinar for International Girls in ICT Day, Amal Tawakuli, researcher in the field of data science, shared her enlightening thoughts on computer science and its effects on society. Learn more about her, her views on being a girl in ICT and many more in this exclusive interview! 

Interview with Marharyta Aleksandrova: Marharyta Aleksandrova is a postdoctoral researcher in computer science at the University of Luxembourg. In this interview, you will learn more about her work, her background, and her thoughts on the place of women in the ICT sector. 

Interview with Marie-Laure Zollinger: We are happy to share our interview with Marie-Laure Zollinger, doctoral  student at the University of Luxembourg. This interview will provide you with more information about her studies and the way digitalisation has changed her job! 

Interview with Blanca Martìnez de Aragon and Belén Dìaz-Mor: Blanca Martìnez de Aragon and Belén Dìaz-Mor held an interesting presentation on data analysis during our webinar on the 23rd of April. Do you want to learn more about their helpcovid19 website and the importance of data analysis during the COVID-19 crisis? Then read this interview! 


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