Elements of AI

WIDE ANDCO is proud to share the outcomes of its two recent ‘Elements of AI’ workshops, organised in partnership with The University of Luxembourg and the Competence Center. These events were designed to support and educate the female community of students and professionals in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and made possible thanks to the support of Innovatives Initiatives (Ministry of State) as part of our yearly cooperation to support women in tech.

These ‘Elements of AI’ workshops have demonstrated the importance of these initiatives in strengthening the skills and professional networks of the female community in the tech sector. 

Altogether, both working groups gathered more than 50 people to discuss the topic of AI.

Ethics, Legal & AI
On April 30th, 2024, we offered our first support group focused on the themes of ethics, legal and AI. The event, held at The Office, welcomed LILLA (Ladies in Law Luxembourg Association) represented by Marianne Bernou from Banking Circle Luxembourg,  Camille Saettel from Simmons & Simmons, and Felicia Burtscher from VDE Germany. They shared their experiences and thoughts on the impact and practical applications of AI in the legal and healthcare sectors. The evening ended with a networking cocktail, giving participants the opportunity to connect and exchange.

Marketing & AI
On the 30th of May 2024, we continued our series with an interactive workshop on ‘Marketing & AI’ at La Maison du Savoir in Belval.
Led by Marlène Gigant from MEDIATION and Jimmy Fischer from the LMDDC, this workshop enabled participants to learn how to use various AI tools to generate logos, music and slogans as part of the fictitious creation of a company. The session also concluded with a convivial networking session.

At the closing conference held on the 7th of June at the DLH (Digital Learning Hub), Minister Delegate Elisabeth Margue highlighted the initiatives led by WIDE ANDCO.
We are honnored to contribute to the development of the Grand Duchy by offering impactful opportunities to our community. 

And we are happy to be able to continue our efforts towards education in AI with two related projects HeadStart (a future in AI for girls) and A(I)RT Youth a project focusing on cultivating Critical Skills in AI and Art for Young Creatives.


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