In Luxembourg, like in many other parts of the world, gender disparities persist in tech fields. Despite technological progress and efforts towards gender equality, there is still a significant gap between men and women in accessing and mastering digital competencies.

Workplace dynamics and cultural biases play a significant role in limiting women’s advancement in digital efficiency. Despite efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, women in Luxembourg still face barriers that prevent them from accessing training opportunities, career progression, and taking up leadership roles in technology-related sectors.

Following these observations, a multi-dimensional approach is needed to reduce these inequalities. We are convinced that encouraging girls to pursue STEM education from an early age, promoting gender-inclusive policies in the workplace, providing accessible training programmes, and fostering a supportive environment for women in technology are crucial steps towards narrowing the gender gap in digital competencies in Luxembourg. 

That’s why WIDE ANDCO has been committed for many years to helping women develop their digital skills and retrain in various ways. 

WIDE ANDCO ends its winter semester with several successful workshops organised in collaboration with the Digital Learning Hub. We were able to welcome 110 participants to the 13 training sessions we’ve organised.

Our workshops took place in Esch Beval and were led by our team of experts in the various fields covered. The collaboration with the Digital Learning Hub went wonderfully well as always, with a professional team involved in organising the workshops.

No Code with Bubble-Beginner & Intermediate: 

We started strong this new year by offering a No-Code with Bubble Training. The course took place for several days and therefore enabled the participants to gradually get to know the “Bubble” app and learn about its functions and features. The end goal was to reproduce a fully functional real estate website shown by the trainer on the first day, working through team reflection.

Introduction to WordPress:

The WordPress training session started with a theory session in the morning about the two versions of the CMS and their diferrences. In the afternoon, the participants were able to practice what they’d learned in the morning and had the opportunity to start designing their landing page by themselves.

UX Design and Product Management:

In the morning, the participants had a theoretical insight into design thinking and design sprint, persona creation, user story and prototyping, important aspects of achieving successful projects. During the afternoon they were given the task to work in groups and hold a design thinking session by using the Business Model Canva, to create a 5-featured “Coffee Shop” app. At the end of the training, each group presented their applications and received feedback from our experts.

No Code with Google App Sheet:

This beginner-friendly training was the perfect opportunity for the participants to explore the No-Code app “Google App Sheet”. During the course, the participants created a “Contact App” that would allow them to register their contacts by simply taking a picture of a business card without any need to type the details. It has been an amazing experience for our participants, to develop an app that can be of great use in their networking life.

Digital Entrepreneurship 101:

During this training, participants got an insight into what being an entrepreneur means by learning about the required steps to create a company, as well as the responsibilities and challenges of an entrepreneur. This session has also been the moment for them to work with other participants on developing their personal projects, whilst receiving feedback from our experts. 

Digital Trends: 

This training focused on the different digital trends on the market, with an in-depth insight into ChatGPT, NFT and AI, whilst also highlighting current digital challenges and opportunities. The participants vividly participated by adding their knowledge and experiences to digital trends. The training ended with a small group work session where the participants had the opportunity to think about how they could implement some of these trends in their personal projects.

Introduction to web develpment:

This 3 days workshop is a classic of ours! Enableling participants to discover computationnal thinking by discovering HTML and CSS and coding with Javascript. This beginner training is a good opportunity explore programming languages and can help you understand it’s logic.

Lab Project:

This two weeks collaborative workshop is a great opportunity to meet people with complementary skills and develop the first stage of a digital product or service. Participants works in teams to brainstorm from an idea to it’s proposed value and or prototype that can be the beginning of an entrepreneur venture!

We would like to thanks once again the Digital Learning Hub for the trust they placed in us and the support they gave to us during this winter semester. It is still a pleasure to collaborate with a professional team engaged in the same issues as us! Stay tuned for more sessions in the following days and weeks!


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