Entrepreneurship workshops

Following our flagship Women Founders event, we have organised a series of webinars and face-to-face workshops on women’s entrepreneurship.

First, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Emilie Kayser, founder of Storybased, an agency specialised in digital strategy and video marketing, and director of the Club des VidéoPreneurs, a video marketing training centre approved by the French Ministry of the Economy. In a webinar, she shared her knowledge and tips on video marketing strategy and customer journey by answering the following questions: why entrepreneurs should focus on video marketing now? How to implement a video marketing strategy? How to use storytelling to make your video content addictive and engaging and get your prospects to buy your products and/or services?

The second workshop was about Digital Marketing with the advice of Vanessa Minet, a digital marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience in various sectors who presented her 5 steps to grow a sustainable service business online. The workshop helped participants define their audience and positioning, build brand awareness and drive traffic to their website, convert website visits into contacts, develop a relationship and convert contacts into customers, and engage with their customers to develop long-term relationships.

Finally, Émilie Ambiaux, Founder and business mentor at Les Talentueuses, offered two workshops “From employee to entrepreneur: managing your financial transition” and “Entrepreneur: managing your family and friends“. The first workshop was dedicated to thinking about the transition period in order to avoid any financial pressure and to give oneself the time and means to develop a sustainable business. The second workshop was devoted to discussing the possible repercussions of an entrepreneurial project on private and personal life, in particular the management of the home and family, but also the many positive and negative feedbacks to be expected.


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