In the framework of the celebrated European Capital of Culture, we had the opportunity to partner with Esch2022, for a yearly programme full of activities and workshop in relation to digital skills.

Our collaboration debuted with an evening dedicated to the subject of NFTs. Our audience being artists, lawyers, both users or just curious about the technology, it enable us to start informal exchanges on crypto-assets, the ups and downs of blockchains, the risks and potential benefits as well as the copiright issues, among other topics.

Our programme for adults included a workshop on the basics of coding (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and another on how to create a website using a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress.

The other activities were aimed towards kids and teenagers.
We went to 10 schools in Luxembourg and French surrounding towns to offer unplugged activities towards computationnal thinking. We also sensibilised youth about cybersecurity and online harassment. Finally, we invited teenagers to create their own virtual escape game during a 4-days activity.


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