Series of Future Women Entrepreneurs’ workshop

We are halfway through our series of workshops for Future Women Entrepreneurs organised with the support of the Ministry of Égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes. So far, we have completed 3 of our entrepreneurship workshops, including Entrepreneurship 101, Startup Entrepreneurship and Business Model Canvas!

Over 50 participants joined us during those sessions to learn more about starting a business. Each session included an informal networking part, where our future founders exchanged business cards, shared some ideas and possible collaborations!

During the first 3 hour session, we discuss the possibilities and barriers of entrepreneurship, assessed motivations and learned to evaluate resources. With participants coming from various industries with diverse business ideas, we had a chance to look into various motivations, missions, and visions for the upcoming business owners.

The second session, Business Model Canvas training was a fascinating, hands-on workshop where we evaluated both existing companies’ business models as well as worked on some of the new business. We discussed the biggest challenges in monetizing and getting clients.

The third session touched on the topic of digital startups and ideas where the core of the business is Tech. We discussed the possibilities of digital businesses and the challenges of forming the right team. We looked into current startup trends, competitions, and pitching. The final part included the first approach to the calculation and budgeting.

We can’t wait to see you all at the end of November to work on some prototyping and User experience for our two last training session on UX&UI!


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