Cybersecurity Workshop – The smart guide to online safety!

Is it true that we are getting more and more transparent? What footprints do we leave online without even noticing and what can I personally do to protect my data?

These questions and more have been topics of our “Cybersecurity Workshop”, that had been held on the 7th October at the C3 Cybersecurity Competence Center. The workshop for beginners offered the participants some hands-on advice that they can use at work or at home. The main goal was to provide the women with the expertise to better protect their online identity and to gain confidence using digital tools

During the presentation, the attendees learned how to spot a spam mail, how do identify phishing attempts and how to create a strong password. The participants now know what’s the meaning behind Ethernet, VPN or Metadata. Speaker Sorana Campean reflected on the current government regulations and how the audience can make use of their rights concerning the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

This training was held as part of our “Raining awareness in Cyber Security” program, which is supported by the Ministry of Economy. A second Module on “Cybersecurity in organizations” will be organized towards the 4th of December 2019.

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