10×6 Female Founders

On February 27th 2024, the WIDE ANDCO team had the honour to partner with Paperjam for the 10X6 “Female founders”. During the event, ten inspiring female founders, from different fields (Law, Fintech, Graphic design and many more), shared their entrepreneurial journeys. This event was rich and inspiring, as the founders did not only present their businesses on a corporate but also on a personal level. Leading them to reveal what ignited their interest in becoming entrepreneurs and the driving forces behind their success. Showing that sometimes all it takes is a childhood dream or the desire to positively impact the world in order to take the first step and unfold your full potential as an entrepreneur. 

Every day, WIDE ANDCO makes it a priority to encourage women to seize opportunities in entrepreneurship and in the digital sector. This event has also shown us that our work, as a Social Enterprise, is contributing to change, as mentioned by the Minister of Gender Equality and Diversity; Yuriko Backes. (Watch the opening of 10×6 Female founders by Yuriko Backes | Paperjam News)



We were delighted to introduce our “Impact Web studio”, a web development service offered to entrepreneurs and social impact to such a large, and prestigious audience. We are proud of our achievements so far and are excited to celebrate many more to come.

Congratulations to all the women who participated in the 6-minute presentation, willing to set the standard and therefore representing a wind of change, not only for this generation but also for future generations! 

You can find more about the evening in the following articles: 

10 female founders inspirantes au Kinepolis (1/2) | Paperjam News

10 female founders inspirantes au Kinepolis (2/2) | Paperjam News


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