e-Skills4All Pilot Sessions

  • February 13th, 2020
  • News

Our e-Skills4all pilot sessions took place on February 4th and 11th 2020, in French and in English.

22 women attended our training, refreshed their digital skills and gained their “Problem Solving” and “Online Safetye-Badges by using the e-Skills4All platform.

The e-Skills4All project initiates a holistic approach to promote digital literacy while fighting skills mismatches and unemployment of low-skilled unemployed adults with a focus on women through a multi-assessed e-tool based on an interactive and dynamic platform in order to upgrade their digital competences.

The e-Skills4All project introduces an innovative on-line and in-house โ€œe-SKILLS4ALL-SUPPORT-HUBSโ€ service that will support this target group in their search for employment by equipping them with employability skills and by building bridges with the labor market. In addition, it will set up the e-Skills4All Network where various stakeholders (i.e. organisations, agencies, public services, etc.) will offer guidance and advice for future employment prospects.

You can find more information about the e-Skills4All project here.

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