No-Code Sessions

For a few months, WIDE ANDCO has offered No-code workshops animated by our expert in this field. 

The training took place at the Digital Learning Hub and allowed the participants to discover, learn and train their new skills around digital and coding. 

Towards these sessions, we aim to develop the women’s digital skills and allow them to have the opportunity to be able to create their own websites and have a better knowledge of web development. 

No-Code software empowers individuals with no technical skills to build apps that work with an organisation’s current infrastructure and fit into existing workflows. The main objective is to understand its benefits and limitations by practising with two of the most powerful No-Code platforms for creating digital products. The responsive, the drag and drop and the database implementation are the learning spotlights of the training. Millions of people use these platforms to create new ways to conceive apps and websites for their businesses and even make them expert in it, up to achieving new full-time jobs. 

The main software used during our sessions were Bubble and Google Appsheet which gave our participants the possibility to learn different platforms, and different skills, such as app creation but also website creation.

A lot of projects have been achieved thanks to these sessions of No-Code!  Indeed, the participants worked on a prototype of an app dedicated to the project of a women entrepreneur from WIDE ANDCO’s network. The prototype led to a functional and now available app thanks to the participant’s and expert’s implications. 

Around 50 women took part in these sessions in total and tried to learn and understand the functionalities of No-code platforms. They have been accompanied by our expert to increase their capacities during the instruction sessions and be prepared to launch by themselves into these platforms. Some of them came with specific goals and had the opportunity to realise what they wanted to do thanks to this work method. 

In 2024, we want to continue helping women develop their skills in this tech field Our goal is to support more women in their projects and develop the training content to be more specific according to the participants’ levels and their preferences about the platform. The new No-Code sessions for 2024 have been announced, you can already register here!


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