Project “Points de rencontres : femmes et numérique”

Our project “Points de rencontres : Femmes et numérique” supported by The Ministry of Digitalisation came to an end! After 10 months of working on the project, we are proud to have successfully implemented our workshops and pleased to have met so many inspiring participants.

We created this project with the aim to support women in developing their digital skills and to help reduce the gender gap in this field. In order to assist our team in implementing our digital inclusion activities in the territory, we have contacted municipalities, associations, non-profit organisations and women’s shelters with a view to reaching as many women as possible.

Starting April 2023, we had the opportunity to host five of our workshops at the CID, Fraen an Gender ideally located in Luxembourg-city and easily reachable by public transport. Thanks to our partner, we were able to achieve our goals of reaching a wider audience by making the afternoon sessions more accessible and shorter.

Our first workshop covered HTML and CSS, scripting languages used to create web pages and web applications. This gave our participants an insight into the basics of web development
For our second workshop, we discussed cybersecurity and data protection; identifying attacks that individuals and devices are vulnerable to, assessing good practices in protecting against these attacks and finding solutions to correct any areas of weakness. We even applied the advice provided by playing an online game. Participants gained an understanding of the importance of using IT tools safely. 

As Digital fields can offer many career opportunities, we decided to focus our third workshop on employability in Tech, helping our participants to better understand the possibilities of a career connected to digital. Together, we reviewed their career path, their choice of studies, their professional profiles and documents such as Linkedin or Curriculum Vitae to increase their chance to enter this field.
Basic digital skills are a must but, more often than we realise, new barriers emerge from the digitalisation of simple tasks. For our fourth workshop, we wanted to support women through to difficulties they may encounter and the questions they may have regarding new processes, computer troubleshooting and the everyday use of tech…

The fifth workshop introduced participants to WordPress, the most widely used content manager system that enables people to host and build websites with limited technical skills.

We changed the venue for the next workshops, moving to Esch Belval.

At Technoport, we pursued our activities with tips and tricks on Google Sheets to help our participants to learn more about all the possibilities offered by Excel. They discovered how to better handle this tool in order to increase their digital competencies.
The following workshop was a continuation of our coding skills introduction with HTML and CSS, providing complementary training to the recurring participants and welcoming new ones. We provided practical exercises to ensure an understanding of the logic behind such fundamentals in web development. To do so, we planned a full day of training.
The ninth workshop took place at the Digital Learning Hub (DLH), where the participants discovered the use of Bootstrap, an open-source front-end development framework that allows them to easily create websites and apps thanks to a collection of syntaxes for template design. 

Finally, we concluded our project “Points de rencontres : femmes et numérique”  at Dalmat Coffee with an open discussion about sexism in the digital field, so that women aspiring to enter this field or already working in the ecosystem could gain a deeper understanding of the problem, share their experiences and discuss solutions.

We are grateful to have been able to offer this project to a new audience of women thanks to the Ministry of Digitalisation.
Organising these activities and bringing new digital skills and abilities would not have been possible without the partners who kindly provided us with à space to welcome our participants during our sessions.
We would also like to thank our participants who came to one or more of the workshops to share and gain knowledge about IT competencies. 


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