WIDE launches a social enterprise (S.I.S.)

  • March 29th, 2022
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WIDE is developing new services dedicated to companies, by creating a Societal Enterprise.

As part of its growth plans, WIDE is developing new services dedicated to companies, by creating a Societal Enterprise (S.I.S., Société d’Impact Sociétal).

After 9 years, the organisation is transforming itself in order to offer new innovative services and to better answer the numerous requests it received over the years.

In early 2022, the Societal Enterprise (S.I.S.) has received an agreement from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy and will therefore measure the impact created with several indicators, such as the number of person trained and supported, as well as the gender diversity in its activities.

WIDE announces a programme of activities and training for 2022, aimed not only to companies but to individuals as well.

“We want to expand our offering around our areas of expertise for new audiences. For example, our coding courses are in fact already open to all and we want to encourage more men to come to our training on equality.”  Marina Andrieu, Managing Director.

“Adopting a form of Societal Enterprise allows WIDE more flexibility in its range of services, which in turn allows us to meet demand from the companies that come to us”Marie-Adélaïde Leclercq-Olhagaray, WIDE’s Chairwoman.

Upcoming activities from April 2022 with S.I.S.:

The full service and training catalogue around key themes like digital skills, gender equality and entrepreneurship will be shared later this spring.

WIDE will also continue to work with institutional actors to respond to societal challenges, including those related to digital education. To be noted, a partnership concluded this year with Esch 2022. New Erasmus+ projects with the European Commission are being set up and new collaborations will be announced soon.

Contact us regarding the new training: training@wide.lu


Ask to receive the new catalogue!

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