Coding Workshops with Steve

Last week we finished our series of Saturdays Coding Classes at the CID Library in Luxembourg City. The program was held on 6 consecutive Saturdays. A group of women was able to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The classes were held by Steve Lourenço. He started explaining about the history and the evolvement of computer languages, gave an overview of useful resources and explained basic terms and vocabulary.

The workshop provided a healthy mix between theoretical elements and individual practical work. All participants were able to work on their projects including personal portfolios or business webpages. During the sessions, the participants could solve coding related tasks and learned how to use their skills to solve problems.

There were several discussions and Q&A sessions about the differences between single computer languages. When is it best to work with HTML, CSS or Javascript? What are some common ways to solve problems in the work field and how to debug my script? Additionally, the participants were able to get a more profound knowledge by fulfilling the homework tasks every week.

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