Cybersecurity Workshop: Cybersecurity in Organizations

On the 4th of December, we hold our second Cybersecurity Workshop, which was open for women of different backgrounds in business and management. We had the pleasure to listen to two experts working in the field: Christophe Bianco from Excellium and Fabien Mathey from SECURITYMADEIN.LU.

The morning session dove into issues like Cybersecurity in Organizations, current challenges for companies and organizations and best practices, trying to equip the participants with the needed knowledge to feel cybersecurity savvier.

Christophe Bianco started with his speech about his personal experience working in cybersecurity, followed by naming common misconceptions about security and threats. He showed the drastic effect that data breaches can have on a company and its clients, supported by recent examples of big companies that were targeted by hackers. The audience was informed about best practices and learned some important Jargon, which is used while talking with cybersecurity experts. Furthermore, the talk has included practical tips and Christophe provided an overview of the regional Cybersecurity Ecosystem.

Fabien Mathey has presented and explained which areas they work in and how different partners in Luxembourg work together to create a secure environment. He emphasized to use common sense and informed about institutions that can be contacted when needed. 

This event was organized by WIDE and supported by the Ministère de l’Économie, which hosted us during the morning workshop. Special thanks to our partners Cybersecurity Competence Center and Excellium Services.


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