Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant transnational meeting – Romania 2019

On June 6 and 7 2019 all partners of the Gender4STEM Erasmus+ Project got reunited in Targu Mures, a city near Cluj-Napoca, in Romania for both a transnational meeting of the project and its fist Multiplier Event.

On Wednesday partners – Fundatia Professional, VHTO, LIST, Smart Venice, Consulio and WIDE – discussed the already achieved goals as well as the next steps to be done.

As the past activities are concerned, all partners already hosted at least one local training session and discussing what happened in each country gave us lots of feedback and suggestions about what to be done next. On the other hand, even if the Platform is still a prototype, teachers were able to realise how affected were they by gender biases, how gender sensitive were their lectures and how influenced were students themselves.

In general, and mostly in all countries, students generally don’t realise about the difference in the number of males and females in STEM and neither do they think about the lack of female role models in the disciplines mentioned above until someone makes them realise it and, all students struggled a lot in naming famous women in STEM besides Marie Curie.

On Thursday Fundatia Professional, the Romanian partner, along with all other partners, held the first Multiplier Event and both more than fifty teachers and fifteen students got to know better the Gender4STEM Teaching Assisting Platform, the past activities done in other countries, guidelines about how to overcome general conscious and unconscious behavioural gender related biases and, concrete tools and ways to achieve more gender fair practices during everyday classes.

Fist of all, we would like to thank all teachers for trying to know more about gender fair practices and wanting to do it also through our Platform and we also want to thank Fundatia Professional for both their warm welcome and the great time had in Targu Mures.

Lastly, as the next steps of the Project are concerned, stay tuned on our website and on the Platform itself!


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