GIrls in ICT Day 2019

According to ITU – International Communication Union, the International GIrls in ICT Day is an initiative to encourage and empower girls and young women to consider studies and car​eers in the growing field of ICTs,​ enabling both girls and technology companies to reap the benefits of greater female participation in the ICT sector.

On April 27, as part of this international day mentioned above, we organized the International GIrls in ICT Day in Luxembourg.  The event was mainly addressed to girls over thirteen, adult women were more than welcomed and it focused on initiation to coding and talks on technology.

The day was divided in two sessions, the first one about choosing tech careers and being a woman in tech and the second, with a data visualisation workshop, using App Inventor and aiming to give attendees the opportunity to create their first App. Furthermore, all sessions included talks, questions and discussions, both facilitated and moderated by Blanca and Belen, two working in tech woman.

Belen and Blanca are both Telecom Engineers specialised in Computer Science. They have an international background and share their passion for technology and innovation.  They are currently living in Luxembourg and supporting the growth in the tech domain. While Belen currently works in Amazon as a Data Analyst in the transportation forecasting team, Blanca works in PwC‘s Public Sector department as a Technology consultant to support clients adapt to contemporary technological needs.

Besides thanking CID – Fraen and Gender for hosting our event, we would like to thank all our participants for their curiosity, enthusiasm and for trying to know more about how to realise their professional ambitions. Last but not least, we would like to thank Blanca and Belen for driving our event and sharing their experiences.


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