In our last article, we introduced you to several English-speaking female gaming streamers. Today, let’s discover some French female streamers!



Picture from her Twitter account @Maghla

Between her let’s play sessions, horror games or even some Minecraft games with other French streamers, Maghda plays all kinds of video games. Always energetic and funny, she is today one of the most famous female streamers in France.

Besides Twitch, you can find her on Youtube where she regularly uploads the best-offs of her streams. 


Picture from her Instagram account @jeel_tv

You can watch her playing Animal Crossing, the Sims but also doing drawing sessions

Jeel is a big fan of Japan and geek culture. She shares her passion and her world with her streams but also on Twitter

Picture from her Instagram account @chipsette_fr

You can often see her playing Valorant, Apex Legends or Overwatch. She enjoys playing League of Legends, World Of Warcraft and Rainbow 6 too.

Besides that, Chipsette is also very good at Cosplay and she is singing and playing the guitar!

Picture from her Instagram account @kayanefr

Kayane mainly shares her passion for fighting games and Japanese RPGs  on her channel. She also often talks about anime and everything related to Japanese culture.

She is also a professional gamer and an animator on the French TV channel “Game One“.

Picture from her Instagram account @mythixtrinity

Also one of the most famous French female streamers, Trinity likes all kinds of video games but especially horror ones

She is hosting shows on French TV Channel “ARTE” and for Playstation too.



There are obviously plenty of other female streamers on  Twitch! 

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