Webinars on Open Data

  • April 7th, 2021
  • News

As part of our Erasmus+ Public Makers project, the consortium planned a series of 4 webinars during the month of March. Organised in the framework of the #OpenDataDay, the aim of these webinars was to raise awareness regarding the use of Open Data tools and possibilities.

The first webinar of the series organised by WIDE introduced the topic of Open Data and highlighted the importance of the open data culture, especially among young people.

CTK Rijeka held the second webinar on Data visualisation and simple visualisation on canva.com. Our Croatian partner offered a demonstration of the online graphical tool to highlight data and make it easier to understand.

Our Italian partner, Polygonal, was in charge of the third webinar, talking about “Crowdsourcing and mapathon” in Open Data.

The last webinar was organised by Inter Alia, under the theme “Advocacy online: Using digital storytelling”. Our Greek partner introduced the participants to social media storytelling techniques to present data, needs and solutions to audiences and to policymakers.

All the replays of these webinars will soon be available on the project’s website, where you will be able to find them as additional resources to the courses already on the site!

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