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  • July 8th, 2020
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Who said summer meant no learning?  This year, we are pleased to invite you to several summer activities, so make sure you don’t miss them! 


Summer Coding Sessions

Our coding sessions will be held online and started this week, using OpenClassroom (Creative Commons licenses) as main learning resources, available in French and English. You will find the program of the workshops below:

 6th to 17th July: HTML/CSS

20th to 31st of July: Javascript

An online support group has been created on Slack, which enables participants to ask questions and help each other. A member of the WIDE Team is also available every day to answer any questions you might have. Moreover, each day, we will invite you to join an online meeting at 13:00, during which we will answer all your questions.

You can still register your interest for these sessions here!


App development training

In addition to these activities, you can join afternoon live sessions from the 20th to the 24th of July, to learn how to create a phone app! Every day, the sessions will be held from 13:00 to 16:30. You will need a webcam and two screens, as you will have to follow the instructions and do the exercises at the same time! You can for example use your phone/tablet to listen to the instructions, and use your computer for the exercises. 🙂

The program is free. It will be in French and is open for girls and boys aged from 13 to 20 years. Make sure to register here, as the number of places is limited.


Lëtz Go Equal in Digital Summer School

This year, our summer school is organised in collaboration with MEGA (Ministère de l’Egalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes) and will be held online from July 20 to 24! Everyday clever tips, activities, interesting news and links to join special webinars will be sent by e-mail to the participants. You can do the activities on your own, from home!

The program is free and is open for girls and boys aged from 13 to 20 years.

You can register here!


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