‘Hidden Figures’ screening with the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg

This week on Monday 4th December, the US Embassy in Luxembourg and WIDE organized a private screening of the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ at Ciné Utopia in Luxembourg City. The event was a great success and we were happy to have a full house.

The event began with a warm welcome from our director, Marina Andrieu-Thiriet. As this is our last event this year, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude for all the volunteers that had supported WIDE over the course of this year, for their dedication, support and good spirit.

We had a pleasure to hear Kristi Roberts, acting DCM at U.S. Embassy Luxembourg, who expressed her support for WIDE and empowering women and girls alike and supporting them in realizing their dreams.

Later on we heard the testimonial from our long-time volunteer, Eirini Koutsopoulou, currently Young Graduate Trainee Program at the European Space Agency. Eirini mentioned the important role that WIDE played in supporting and empowering her when she was a volunteer, as well as the barriers women encounter while entering the digital field. She shared her story beginning in Greece, where she dreamt of studying computer science, then her time at the University of Luxembourg, finally to ESA where she’s fulfilling her dream of being part of the space agency.

‘Hidden Figures’ tells the story of three black American mathematicians who worked for NASA during the space race. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly. It shows good role models and gives huge dose of inspiration.

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