Robotic Process Automation // Biases in Artificial Intelligence

This Week we hosted our tech talk at PaulWurthIncCub and we were more than pleased to have Charlotte and Lekshmi shed  light on these futuristic (to say the least) but captivating  topics. Lots of things for further reflection, but mostly, as a short conclusion…

…The future is what we, humans, want it to be. Behind every algorithm lies the human mind. AI is not neutral. Why? Because robots mimic human action and ‘borrow’ our language.

Do we want our future robots to be capable of empathy? If yes, the answer could be more simple than we can imagine: what a bot speaks, is the language it picks up from humans interacting digitally. So here’s something for further reflection: Algorithmic bias can become a major societal issue if humans feed the web with biased or non emphatic language.

Tech Talks at PaulWurthInCub


What a great evening! Cheers to all the participants and thanks again Charlotte and Lekshmi!


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