Growth Hacking with Petit BamBou

This Tuesday we had the great opportunity not only to be the organizers, but also to attend one of the most inspiring and smart talks held by Benjamin Blasco, co-founder of Petit BamBou. We were able to get some very useful insights about growth hacking in today’s digital reality where digital marketing is on everyone’s mind when it comes to ‘battling’ for more and more followers on their social media accounts.
But most importantly, we were presented a different mindset, not a “toolset”, and talked about the importance of a few key concepts such as transparency, creativity, data as inspiration, fast iterations, engineered virality, or simplexity.

So, what is growth hacking according to Benjamin Blasco? Well, it is the area where marketing meets engineering and where the inbound (product) dots are connected with the outbound (marketing) ones.

Thank you, Benjamin Blasco, for this wonderful opportunity!


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