WIDE Tech talks: Robotic process automation + Biases in Artificial Intelligence
1:00 4:00
novembre 28, 2017

Hosted at Paul Wurth InCub, this event will offer 2 tech talks with international experts:

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is certainly changing the future of work for many people and organisations, across all businesses. The session will cover the business basics about Robotic Process Automation, the benefits of RPA, business processes in which RPA can be used, developing RPA road map for the company and projections for the future.

About the presenter:

Lekshmi Padmavathy is a marketing and business consultant with eight years of professional experience in business strategy, marketing management and in latest digital technologies including RPA, Blockchain, Wearables and Cognitive IoT, helping corporations make key business decisions and drive business expansion . She has worked for some of the leading corporations like IBM, Amazon and Accenture.


Biases in Artificial Intelligence

During this talk we will explore a variety of biases within Artificial Intelligence based systems and their resulting effects by illustrating how they can affect decision making, amplify existing biases and pervasively impact most aspects of our daily life.

About the presenter:

Charlotte Stix is the youngest member of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Unit at the European Commission. There, she contributes to European AI policy and oversees multi-million euro Horizon2020 funded Robotics and AI projects. Prior, she worked at the World Future Council as Policy Officer representing rights of Future Generations and advocating for the safe and ethical development of emerging technologies.


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