Raising Volunteers in Tech – Raivotech

We are proud to be part of a new Erasmus + Youth in Action Project, Raivotech (kick-off October 2016)

Raivotech is the acronym for « Raising Volunteers in Tech »


Our organisation is delighted to join this project; indeed, our non-profit is able to operate relying on volunteers. This project will help us develop our practice of working with volunteers.

Being part of the Erasmus + project allows our organisation’s members to share their experience and expertise with partners at a European level. This specific project will also include tangible outputs aiming to share knowledge externally with other organisations and NGOs at a national & international level.

Fighting digital illiteracy is becoming crucial to reducing risks of social and economic exclusion created by the digital-skill gap. Involving volunteers is an interesting way to contribute to reducing this major issue we’re facing in today’s world. Volunteers can teach, show and tell, but also inspire, motivate and therefore bring a different outlook than the one provided in formal education. However, if working with volunteers is also a way to reduce the cost of implementing activities and tapping into a network of non-professional trainers, this does not mean that this strategy is resource-free for organisations.

This project aims to support non-profit organisations in the field of digital education to strengthen their capacity bringing new methods to manage volunteers & implementing projects in this specific field.


Raising Volunteers in Tech–RAIVOTECH–includes the following activities:

– An extensive research based on real needs of the organisation and volunteers involved in digital education

– Training activities for youth workers/project managers

– An open online course with video material available to those wishing to develop and improve their skills and practices in managing volunteers in the non-formal digital education space

The expected outcome is to improve the quality of awareness-raising activities and also encouraging young talents, especially from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds.

The kick-off meeting took place in Luxembourg in early November. The four partners in this project are:

  • Futuro Digitale, Italy
  • A&A Emphasys Center in Cyprus
  • Hellas for Us in Greece
  • Women in Digital Initiatives (WIDE) in Luxembourg.



The second meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, where our partner Hellas for US is based:



During these three days of collaborative training, youth workers were able to build on knowledge and share their experience in engaging with volunteers in the digital field.

After having a look at our own organisation, we had a reflexion on the four key areas of raising volunteers in tech, which are:

  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Retaining
  • Rewarding

Thanks to a constructive exchange of ideas between the different organisations, we were able to draft a guideline around these four key areas to produce open resources (such as videos) in order to scale the training and make it available to a broad network of organisations.