HTML & CSS Workshop
9:30 1:00
À partir de novembre 11, 2017 novembre 25, 2017


In our two-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of front-end web development, in particular HTML and CSS and how they work together. At the end of it, they will be able to create their very own websites and know how to manipulate WordPress themes to create a more personal experience online.

Day 1 – November 11th – CID | Fraen an Gender

14, rue Beck, L-1222 Luxemburg – 2ième étage

Day 1 will be all about the basics of the Internet and what websites are made of. The participants will learn that, in order to create their own websites, they will have to get acquainted with HTML and CSS. There will be many examples and easy-to-follow instructions. At the end of the day, there will be some fun home assignments where we ask the participants to create their own websites in the upcoming two weeks.

• How does the Internet work? (short introduction)
• What do HTML and CSS stand for and why do we need them?
• The Holy Trinity of front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
• Introduction to HTML tags (</>) and elements (div, span, a, …)
• How to connect CSS and HTML
• Introduction to CSS selectors and properties
• What are classes and IDs?
• Useful websites to learn more (w3schools.com, codepen.io, freecodecamp.com, codecademy.com, …)
• Home assignment

Day 2 – November 25th

Day 2 will highlight the importance of knowing HTML and CSS. We will look at the websites the participants have created during the two weeks and we will provide guidance for those who are stuck. Further, we will show them how to easily manipulate their own WordPress themes to personalize their websites and show them further steps on their web development journey.

• Checking of participants’ home assignments
• Introduction to “inspect page”, their new best friend
• How to manipulate WordPress themes with HTML and CSS?
• Where to go from here?

Applications and questions: paula@women-digital.lu

Participation fee: 25 euros per person for both workshops. Payments can be made via Eventbrite’s registration box below:

First workshop will take place at CID | Fraen an Gender. Exact time and Luxembourg City location of the second workshop will soon be confirmed.